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Haynes Medical Centre

Health Checks

Following major health checks will be carried out by us as preventive measures for our registered patients.

Healthy Kids Check provided by a practice nurse
3-5year old check.This include assessment of Height and weight check and plot in growth chart , Eyesight , Hearing, Oral health- teeth and gum ,Toileting ,Allergies
We make sure that 4 yr immunization given
We provide you with a copy of Get set 4 Lives –habits for healthy kids
Or visit$File/GetSet4LifeBrochure.pdf

Health assessment for people aged 45 to 49 years who are at risk of developing chronic disease
This is done only once.

Health assessment for people aged 40 to 49 years with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Assessment can be done every 3 yrly.We assess your risk according to the Australian type 2 diabetes risk assessment too.
To assess your risk visit

If you are at high risk come to us.We evaluate your high risk score.We update your history and undertake physical examination and clinical investigations
We make overall assessment of your risk factors, the results of relevant examinations and investigations.

Your risk factors
Life style risk factor-smoking, physical inactivity, poor nutrition and alcohol
Biochemical risk factors-high cholesterol, high blood pressure, impaired glucose metabolism, excess weight
Family history of chronic disease
We initiate appropriate interventions such as referral to a life style medications program done by Medicare local Bentley Armadale.
We provide you with advice and information.

Health assessment for people aged 75 years and older
This health assessment include
Checking blood pressure, pulse rate, rhythm
An assessment of your medications list
An assessment of continence status
An assessment of your immunization status-influenza, tetanus and pneumococcus
An assessment of your physical functions, including activities of daily living and falls risk
An assessment of your psychological function including mood and cognition, checking of your memory
An assessment of social functions including the availability and adequacy of pain and unpaid help
We initiate appropriate referral for aged acre assessment team for further management

Health assessment for people with an intellectual disability
Assess physical, psychological, social function of the person with intellectual disability to identify any medical intervention and preventive health care required.
Assessment can be done every year
This health assessment include;
Checking dental health
Conducting ear examination – referral for hearing testing if not had one with last 5 yrs
Examination of the eyes-arranging review by eye specialists of optometrist if not done within last 5 yrs
Checking height and weight and calculating BMI
Assessing nutritional status, growth and development
Assess bowel and balder functions – incontinence, constipation
Assess medications – arrange medication r/v by the pharmacists
Check immunization status
Check exercises opportunities
Assess the adequacy of support for activities of the daily living for the patient
Routine assessment such as breast exam, mammography, pap smears, testicular exams etc
Check difficulty in swallowing and arranging gastro esophageal diseases
Assess risk factors for osteoporosis, arranging investigations and treatment
Assess mental health
Assessing there are signs of physical, psychological or sexual abuse

Health assessment for refugees and other humanitarian entrants
If you think if you are a refugee / other humanitarian entrants you might be eligible for this Medicare benefit
Prior to heath assessment we have to confirm the visa status to check your eligibility
And also this health assessment can be done with in 1 yr of entry in to Australia

Health Assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People are eligible Under 3 age groups we do the heath assessments;
(1 ) Child less than 15 yrs
(2) Person who is aged between 15- 54 yrs
(3) Older person who is aged 55 years and over




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