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Haynes Medical Centre


We conduct immunizations according to the Australian national immunization programme.

• Talk to your Haynes GP regarding your child’s immunization schedule according to his /her age.
• Did your child miss some of the immunizations? Talk to your GP about the catch up immunization schedules.
• Sometimes you will be in a special group for some of the immunizations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people medically at risk
Pregnant women
65 and over

• Are you over 65 and have a chronic disease? Then talk to your GP regarding pneumococcal vaccination
• Are you planning for pregnancy? Not sure about your immunizations status for rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis etc
• Get some advice from your GP without a delay and prevent severe life threatening diseases in your unborn
• Every Flu season we provides flu vaccines for all our eligible patients

We keep records and update ACIR – Australian childhood immunization record promptly

We store vaccines according to the national vaccine storage guidelines –“Strives for 5"

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