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Haynes Medical Centre

Antenatal care

Planning before pregnancy
The healthier you are as you are planning your pregnancy, the more likely you are to have a healthy baby.
We see every visit of a woman of reproductive age to our practice as an opportunity to plan for pregnancy, or contraception if required.
We give Pre-pregnancy advice as below:
Interim contraception (if needed), nutrition, exercise, weight targets, sexual health, smoking, alcohol, illicit drugs, advice regarding necessary vaccinations (prior to or during pregnancy) and PAP smear.
Are you planning for pregnancy and suffering from medical condition such as

• Epilepsy

• Diabetes

• Congenital or known acquired cardiac disease

• Autoimmune disorders

• Obesity (body mass index greater than 30)

• Severe mental illness- bipolar, schizophrenia

Talk to your GP before you get pregnant we could arrange pre-pregnancy services for you ASAP to prevent future complications.

During pregnancy
We help guide you through the various stages of your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.
Confirm pregnancy and expected date of delivery
History and examination
Complete initial routine investigations

Full blood picture

• Blood group and atypical antibody screen

• Syphilis serology

• Rubella titre

• Hepatitis B surface antigen

• Hepatitis C antibodies

• HIV antibodies

• Random blood glucose (if mod/high risk of diabetes)

• Midstream Urine

• Chlamydia screening

Counsel and offer first trimester screening at 11 to 13 weeks – regardless of woman’s age Complete Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.
Discuss alcohol, smoking, diet, exercise, back care, minor discomforts, and illicit drug use.



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