Minor surgical procedures available at haynes medical centre,

  1. General skin check
  2. All types of skin biopsy
  3. Excision of skin cancer and precancerious lesions
  4. Removal of bening skin lesions including viral warts, skin tags and seborroic keratosis
  5. Treatment of cons and callus
  6. Non surgical treatment of ganglion and olecranon bursitis.
  7. Excision of sebaceous cysts
  8. Incisional removal of lipomas
  9. Wedge resection for ingrowing nails
  10. Joint injections
  11. Cryotherapy
  12. Electrosurgery
  13. Wound care including dressing, suturing and suture removal
  14. Implanon insertion and removal

Vasectomy and mirena insertion facility will be available with us very soon.


* Need preconsultation with the doctor before any surgical procedures.

* Gap fee may apply.

* Surgical restrictions may apply depend on the site, size and medical history of the patient.